It’ll look lovely when it’s done…….

We are in the process of renovating and redecorating our 120 year old too small mid terrace cottage. It’s eye wateringly expensive and most of the time spent in each room has been on dusty horrible time consuming jobs. The kind of jobs that a make room ‘safe’ or ‘compliant with health & safety requirements’… Continue reading It’ll look lovely when it’s done…….

Coming of age.

Recently I arranged to get my hoover serviced. I wish I could say that was a euphemism for something sexy or racy but it’s not. I am genuinely just taking my hoover to be serviced. I was told I could drop it off any time in the evenings and I arranged to do this after… Continue reading Coming of age.

A few words about the joy of the Easter weekend.

Easter weekend is upon us, I have never really understood the whole 2 bank holiday days at Easter thing or Easter in general to be honest. I get the religious meaning and importance but I don’t understand why everyone else cares so much? I know the chocolate eggs are nice but most of them taste… Continue reading A few words about the joy of the Easter weekend.

The gift of Alexa

This Christmas I received the gift of Alexa. In fact I got 2 Alexa’s and one small one that plugs into the kitchen radio. I had mentioned to MrP earlier in the year that I had been coveting a friend’s ability to turn lights off upstairs, ask for music and be told the occasional joke,… Continue reading The gift of Alexa

We Need To Talk About Camping

MrP and I have never really agreed on the merits of camping. I have somehow managed to put off the inevitable for the last decade or so using a combination of cunning plans and excuses (oh that weekend, I’m seeing my long lost friend that weekend, you go my love, of course I’m disappointed etc… Continue reading We Need To Talk About Camping