When is a short story a novel?

I haven’t been writing for long, just over a year all in. In that time there’s also been a lot of life to be dealing with, health things, loss, change of job, along with all the stresses and strains of family life. It’s been tough to find the time and space, physically and mentally to… Continue reading When is a short story a novel?

The Allotment Diaries

So much like life we started out like teenagers with big dreams and elaborate visions. We thought we would absolutely achieve everything we set out to because we ‘believed’ and were willing to ‘work hard’. This vision was borne from utter naivety, from having no real knowledge time, money or expertise to speak of. In… Continue reading The Allotment Diaries

The Plastic Plague

It’s July. There’s a growing movement of people who are attempting to live July completely plastic free, thanks to the MCS (Marine Conservation Society). I did it 2 years ago, it was eye-opening and life-changing but not in the way I expected it to be. This all started for me at the Big Bang Science… Continue reading The Plastic Plague

New York.

  I went to New York last weekend, in case you hadn’t heard from my myriad facebook posts and my constant reminders for anyone who would listen. I was a little nervous about New York, partly because it always seems so busy on the TV, partly because…well, you know…guns and partly because it was my… Continue reading New York.


All things come to an end, era’s, chapters, holidays, bottles of wine, good meals, long evenings in the summer. There’s a lot of endings going on in my life at the moment, it’s all good, they all signify new beginnings or fresh starts or any other positive affirmation-y type spin you want to put on… Continue reading Endings