It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us at #ffs. Life does that to you, doesn’t it? Since I last blogged my life has been turned upside down, or rather moved to a parallel dimension, one where I can see the old one but not quite get back to it. I know exactly… Continue reading Moving.


All things come to an end, era’s, chapters, holidays, bottles of wine, good meals, long evenings in the summer. There’s a lot of endings going on in my life at the moment, it’s all good, they all signify new beginnings or fresh starts or any other positive affirmation-y type spin you want to put on… Continue reading Endings

A few words about the joy of the Easter weekend.

Easter weekend is upon us, I have never really understood the whole 2 bank holiday days at Easter thing or Easter in general to be honest. I get the religious meaning and importance but I don’t understand why everyone else cares so much? I know the chocolate eggs are nice but most of them taste… Continue reading A few words about the joy of the Easter weekend.

7 Things I’ve Learnt In 7 Months Of Being A Single Parent

As most of you know I split up with my husband last year. It’s been tough in many ways, sad, awkward and challenging but it’s also been enlightening and interesting. I have two kids, a bright, considerate 9-year-old daughter and a mischievous, stubborn 4-year-old boy. Becoming a single parent has taught me a lot, about… Continue reading 7 Things I’ve Learnt In 7 Months Of Being A Single Parent

The gift of Alexa

This Christmas I received the gift of Alexa. In fact I got 2 Alexa’s and one small one that plugs into the kitchen radio. I had mentioned to MrP earlier in the year that I had been coveting a friend’s ability to turn lights off upstairs, ask for music and be told the occasional joke,… Continue reading The gift of Alexa

2018 Ninja Kittens

New Year! New beginnings! New You! Yes! Because that one night where you stayed up until the next day will make all the difference! It will make you stronger, richer, thinner, fitter, healthier and just generally more amazing. If this were the case then why don’t we stay up past midnight every night? I know,… Continue reading 2018 Ninja Kittens

The thing about Christmas.

Not sure if any of you have noticed but Christmas is coming and just so we’re all clear I love pretty much all things Christmas. I’m aware that not everyone feels the same, my timeline has been full of memes about no one wanting to hear about Christmas or see an Elf or hear a… Continue reading The thing about Christmas.