A few words about World Ballet Day and my inner ballerina…..

Today is World Ballet Day; in fact if you type World Ballet Day into Google it will take you to a link that shows Ballerina’s in training all over the world. I am currently watching someone practising in Russia, it is amazing and beautiful. The sheer physical strength and the elegance of their movement is… Continue reading A few words about World Ballet Day and my inner ballerina…..

120 days of yoga

120 days ago, I was having a really shitty time. A week before, I had, after months of deliberation and fear, split up with my husband and partner of fourteen years. I was scared, sad, feeling like a failure and confused. My temptation in times like this is to drink, heavily, and I’m not talking… Continue reading 120 days of yoga

Against the odds.

Last week was a tough week for me. After some abdominal pain, bleeding and just a small but unhealthy dose of denial I returned to the GP to talk about the fact something was wrong after having had a hysterectomy 5 months ago. The GP had a look, turns out there’s a ‘minor issue’ with… Continue reading Against the odds.

World Vegan Day

Yesterday was world Vegan Day, it’s an event that usually passes me by unnoticed but this year is different. This year I have been going through something of a falling out with meat and dairy. Originally for health reasons, turns out they both do the same things to my digestion as gluten (possibly too much… Continue reading World Vegan Day

My favourite jeans

My favourite pair of jeans are a pair of Miss Sixty boot cut jeans that zip up at the back, I've had them for 12 years now. I get them out and try them on once or twice a year most years. Except for the baby weight years, when I kept them somewhere at the… Continue reading My favourite jeans

Diary of a hysterectomy – Part 3 

It has been 12 weeks since my operation, so it felt like a good time to write about it again. In the build up to surgery I searched online endlessly for personal accounts of the recovery process. Looking for something other than the posts on forums about things that had gone wrong for people, so… Continue reading Diary of a hysterectomy – Part 3 

The Miracle Morning 

Last month I bought a book which made a grand claim that it would transform my life before 8am. I figured as I'm always up by about 6am then spend around two hours trying to ignore the fact it's morning, stay in bed and persuade MrP to make the coffee my life before 8am could… Continue reading The Miracle Morning