Coming of age.

Recently I arranged to get my hoover serviced. I wish I could say that was a euphemism for something sexy or racy but it’s not. I am genuinely just taking my hoover to be serviced. I was told I could drop it off any time in the evenings and I arranged to do this after… Continue reading Coming of age.

The Allotment Diaries

So much like life we started out like teenagers with big dreams and elaborate visions. We thought we would absolutely achieve everything we set out to because we ‘believed’ and were willing to ‘work hard’. This vision was borne from utter naivety, from having no real knowledge time, money or expertise to speak of. In… Continue reading The Allotment Diaries

The Land Of The Long White Cloud

  I have recently had the incredible privilege of travelling to New Zealand with my two children to spend time with my younger brother. I had always wanted to go to New Zealand and never really thought I would, it’s a really long way and it’s not cheap to get to but after a hell… Continue reading The Land Of The Long White Cloud

The thing about Christmas.

Not sure if any of you have noticed but Christmas is coming and just so we’re all clear I love pretty much all things Christmas. I’m aware that not everyone feels the same, my timeline has been full of memes about no one wanting to hear about Christmas or see an Elf or hear a… Continue reading The thing about Christmas.